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Boscobel Utilities is the locally owned and operated electric, water and wastewater utility, serving 1,750 customers in Boscobel Wisconsin, USA. We strive to provide low-cost, reliable service with a friendly, personal touch. After all, we are your friends and neighbors who share your values and understand your needs. That’s what makes a local, community-owned utility a valuable asset to citizens and the community.

Boscobel Utilities is not like other big utility companies you might know.  We are a local not-for-profit, so we can put all our energy into doing good for Boscobel!!  That means investing in clean energy resources, new technology, and in the local economy, along with helping our neighbors keep thier energy costs low.  With public power from Boscobel Utilities, the good we do stays right here............... Because................ We're here, for you!!

Boscobel Utilities was founded in 1899 – by the citizens of Boscobel. The community’s early founders voted to establish their own city-owned utility to provide light to its downtown area and to encourage economic development.

While a lot has changed over the past centuries, the focus of Boscobel Utilities has not. Today, we still offer our residents some of the lowest electric rates in South-West Wisconsin - rates significantly lower than those in territories that are served by investor-owned utilities.

We also provide our customers with clean, high-quality water and Wastewater Treatment that meets or exceeds all state and federal standards. And, as part of the community, Boscobel Utilities affords its citizens a voice in its decisions and programs.

2010 - WI Avenue reconstruction project with new water and sewer lines, street lighting, sidewalks, and a new look!