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Boscobel Utilities has two Substations, the one pictured here is located at 240 Commercial Row and the other is at the end of Oakes Road by the Industrial Park. The Substation at 240 Commercial Row feeds Electricity to most Residential Customers and some Business Customers. The Substation at Oakes Road feeds the majority of the Industrial Park Customers Electricity. If One Substation gets shut down or goes down, Each Substation has the capability of feeding the entire city without much interruption of service. If a planned shut down, there should be no interruption of Electric Service.

Please stay clear of the substations and out of the fenced area! If you notice anything unusual - unlocked gates, openings, etc. Please contact Boscobel Utilities immediately at (608) 375-5002 OR (608) 375-5429.

What do you do when you see a Power Line Down?

DO NOT TOUCH! Keep area clear & other people away until utility personnel arrives on the scene. CALL 9-1-1 

Storms and Trees Down

During a storm, please watch for down trees which can bring down power lines. If you notice any, please contact the Police at either 9-1-1 or (608) 375-4122 or Boscobel Utilities at (608) 375-5429. Also, please stay clear of utility personnel, vehicles and equipment so that we can arrive at destination timely and repair services timely and safely.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming is usually done in the winter months to keep trees from growing into and around the power lines. When planting trees, please try not to plant them under power lines. We will trim trees other than in the winter months if they are in need and grown into the lines, however we only trim the trees that are in the city right-of-way at no cost to the property owner.


There are various transformers located around the city, please report to your utility office at (608) 375-5002 if you see them unlocked, broken or uncovered. Also, please keep plantings (bushes, shrubs, flowers, trees, etc…) at least 6’ away from the door of the transformer, even if it is located in your yard. This gives utility personnel the space that they need to repair or enter the transformer when needed.

Avoid Planting over Underground Services

If you do not have an overhead line going into your house, you have an underground utility service. Please avoid planting trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. or building anything (garage, sheds, driveways, etc.) over the underground service. If the service ever needs to be replaced or repaired, these things would need to be removed at a cost to the property owner. If you have any questions, please call us anytime at (608) 375-5002.

Need new or temporary electric service?

Please have your electrician contact the Utility Shop at (608) 375-5429 or email Rick Ritter. The Electrician will be required to complete a wiring affidavit which states that all electrical work is compliant with Federal, State and Local codes so that we can install our electric meter. Please give us at least a three-day notice prior to when you will need the service installed.