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City of Boscobel Water Hardness is 250 mg/L, alkalinity is 360 and PH is 7.2.

Boscobel Municipal Utilities also provides its customers with clean, high-quality water that meets or exceeds all state and federal standards. And, as part of the community, Boscobel Utilities affords its citizens a voice in its decisions and programs.

Deduct Meters

A deduct meter measures the water that does not flow through the sewer system. This is water used to water your yard, or garden, fill swimming pools, wash cars etc. Click Here for the Current Deduct Meter Policy.

Water Meter Change Outs

Every 10-12 years, we are required to change out the water meter which is located inside your home. If your meter has been in place for 10-12 years, you will be contacted by our Water Department to set up a time so that we can get inside your home to change out the water meter. This takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Please try to keep your water meter easily accessible.

Hydrant Flushing

All Hydrants are flushed once per year, and the majority are flushed twice per year. If there is a hydrant in your neighborhood that is being flushed, please remember to let your cold water run for several minutes to clear the lines before using it for any reason. The Water may be cloudy or discolored.

Cross Connection Surveys

A cross connection is an unprotected direct connection between drinking water piping and a contamination source. It can be as simple as a garden hose submerged in contaminated water. Under certain conditions, cross connections can allow tainted water to flow backward through the piping system and contaminate the drinking water.

If your meter has been in place for about 10 years and is ready to be changed out, the Water Department will contact you to set up a time to change out the meter as well as complete the Cross Connection Survey. If you receive a notice, please contact Boscobel Utilities as soon as possible to help us comply with DNR, State and Federal Requirements.

Water Utility Responsibility vs. Property Owner

The water lines that run through the City are owned, operated and repaired by the City Water Department. However, the property owner is responsible for any part of the Water Line from the Shut Off Valve (Curb Stop) that is located between the City Right of Way and the Property Line all the way into the home.